Socialmedia Like Ur Teen Spirits

We are social media managers.
I.e. we take care of the companies’ communications on social networks, like facebook, youtube, linkedin and many others. In other words? We groom brands where users now spend most of their time online and where it’s the brand that finds the consumer and not viceversa.
S.L.U.T.S., bitchy “teen spirits” who consider ur challenges preternatural teenage commitments. We play with passion and we sweat. We know what’s cool, we want to satisfy everyone and we enjoy discussing things straight to the face. We are charming fresh and elegant when we want, ready active and zippy when we have to, positive careful and motivated even when we are not in the mood for it.
We already satisfied: Upim Pop grandstores, Betamotor bike industry, Sos Design charity fair, Naba art directors’ institute and others more as freelancers or as an agency already.
And here we are ready for u.
Made by S.L.U.T.S.
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